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Best Gaming PC Under 20000 in 2023 [New]

Even though gaming PCs are notoriously pricey, you may still construct one on a budget. The purpose of this guide is to help gamers construct a best gaming pc under 20000, however we will provide our own ideas to help you create the finest gaming PC for your budget.


Table of Contents

Components you will need while building a best gaming pc under 20000

Processor (CPU)

An essential step in designing a best gaming pc under 20000, is studying the necessary components. we recommends an Intel Pentium processor, however we recommend a Ryzen 3 3200G due to its superior graphics integration and overall performance.

Choosing the Correct Motherboard

We suggests utilizing a Gigabyte GA-H110M-S2 motherboard, whereas we propose an GIGABYTE A320 Ultra Durable MicroATX Motherboard. It is significantly more expensive, but it provides additional features and enhanced compatibility.

Selecting the Ideal Memory (RAM)

We recommends 4GB DDR4 RAM for memory, however we recommend 8GB DDR4 RAM. This will enhance overall performance and make multitasking easier.

Choosing the Best Storage

We recommends a 120GB SSD atleast, however we propose a 120GB SSD and a 1TB hard drive instead. The SSD will increase overall system speed and decrease game and application load times.

Power Supply Unit (PSU)

We recommends a 450W power supply, but we recommend going with a 500W power supply instead. This will assure performance stability and future compatibility with more potent components.

Choosing the Appropriate Case

We recommends the Corsair Carbide Spec-01 case, however we propose the Lapcase Supreme-003 as a more affordable alternative. It provides comparable features and functionality at a reduced price.

Are you in hurry? Don't worry, you can skip reading and check the price directly.

CPU : AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

Best gaming pc under 20000

GIGABYTE A320 Ultra Durable MicroATX Motherboard

SSD : Crucial BX500 240GB SSD

RAM : Crucial 8GB DDR4 Memory

Power Supply : Ant Esports VS400L 400 Watt

Cabinet : Lapcase Supreme-003

Here are some of the best components we recommend for building a Best Gaming PC Under 20000.

Introduction to features and specifications

The AMD Ryzen 3 3200G APU with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics is an excellent option for a budget-friendly, yet best gaming pc under 20000. 

The Ryzen 3 3200G integrates a CPU and GPU, allowing you to save money on a separate graphics card. Its four-core CPU with a base clock speed of 3.6GHz and a boost clock speed of up to 4GHz can handle modern games and routine computing chores with ease. 

At low to medium settings, the integrated Radeon Vega 8 graphics deliver a fluid gaming experience for popular games. 

As an unlocked processor, the Ryzen 3 3200G is capable of being overclocked to increase performance. The AM4 socket offers compatibility with a variety of motherboards and for future CPU upgrades. 

In conclusion, the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G with Radeon Vega 8 Graphics provides the optimal mix between price and performance for best gaming pc under 20000.

Introduction to features and specifications

The Crucial 8GB DDR4 memory module, with a speed of 3200MHz, provides ample capacity for multitasking and running modern games with ease. 

Its compatibility with lower speeds, such as 2933MHz or 2666MHz, ensures flexibility in matching your PC’s other components.

The CT8G4DFRA32A module’s CAS Latency (CL) of 22 ensures quick access to stored data, enhancing overall system responsiveness. 

This memory stick is a reliable choice for budget best gaming pc under 20000, as Crucial is known for its high-quality products and comprehensive warranties.

Introduction to features and specifications

In comparison to standard planar NAND, the Crucial BX500 240GB SSD employs 3D NAND technology, which delivers increased storage density, enhanced durability, and reduced power consumption. 

Featuring a SATA interface and a 2.5-inch form factor, the CT240BX500SSD1 is compatible with the vast majority of desktop and laptop systems, giving it a flexible storage solution.

Introduction to features and specifications

AMD AM4 socket on the GIGABYTE A320 Ultra Durable MicroATX Motherboard makes it compatible with a wide range of Ryzen processors, including the Ryzen 3 3200G we just talked about. 

Its compatibility guarantees that you have a robust selection of processors for your low-cost gaming rig.

The GIGABYTE A320 motherboard supports DDR4 memory and provides a stable base for RAM modules, including the Crucial 8GB DDR4 3200MHz CL22 memory. 

With its MicroATX form size, the motherboard can fit into a number of smaller cases, making it ideal for compact gaming systems and limited-space configurations.

Although though the A320 chipset does not enable overclocking, it is a cost-effective option for budget gaming setups, featuring USB 3.1 connections, PCIe 3.0 slots, and many storage options. 

In addition, GIGABYTE’s Ultra Durable technology guarantees enduring dependability and stability.

The Crucial BX500 SSD assures quicker boot times, quicker game loading times, and enhanced overall system responsiveness by offering much faster read and write rates than conventional hard drives. 

Although it may not be as fast as other high-end SSDs, the BX500 gives budget best gaming pc under 20000 a substantial performance improvement.

Introduction to features and specifications

Selecting the right power supply for your budget best gaming pc under 20000 is crucial to ensure stable and efficient operation. 

The Ant Esports VS400L 400 Watt Non-Modular Continuous Power Gaming PSU is a cost-effective option that provides reliable power for your gaming system.

The 400-watt power capacity of the Ant Esports VS400L is sufficient to support the components of a budget gaming PC, such as the AMD Ryzen 3 3200G processor and the Crucial BX500 SSD. 

This power supply delivers continuous power, ensuring that your system remains stable during gaming sessions or demanding tasks.

As a non-modular power supply, the Ant Esports VS400L has fixed cables, which may require some additional cable management within your PC case. 

However, this design contributes to its affordability, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious builders.

The Ant Esports VS400L PSU also features multiple built-in protections, such as Over Voltage Protection (OVP), Over Power Protection (OPP), and Short Circuit Protection (SCP), which safeguard your valuable components from potential damage due to power fluctuations or surges.

Introduction to features and specifications

Lapcase Supreme-003 is a sturdy and compact computer cabinet designed to accommodate a variety of motherboards, including MicroATX boards like the GIGABYTE A320 Ultra Durable motherboard. 

Its compact size makes it an excellent choice for small spaces or those looking to save desk space.

The included SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply) adds value to the LAPCARE Supreme-003 package, providing a cost-effective power solution for your budget gaming PC. 

This power supply is designed to deliver stable and efficient power to your components, ensuring smooth operation.

Featuring ample ventilation and cooling support, the Lapcase Supreme-003 cabinet helps maintain optimal temperatures inside the case, reducing the risk of overheating and prolonging the life of your components. 

The case also includes multiple drive bays, allowing for the installation of storage devices such as the Crucial BX500 SSD.

Putting It All Together

Assembling your gaming computer is the next step after purchasing all the necessary parts. If you are uncertain about the assembling process, go to the manufacturer’s instructions and online tutorials. Carefully check that everything is connected and installed properly.


Creating a best gaming pc under 20000 is achievable, but needs research and careful component selection. By adhering to our tips and methods, you can construct a gaming PC capable of running most games at 1080p resolution and delivering a fluid gaming experience.

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