May 29, 2023

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Is EA Actually PlayStation’s Largest Publisher? Microsoft Claims So! 🤯🕵️‍♂️ Console Wars Heating Up or Just a Ploy? 🤔🔥

Hello players, it appears that Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision is still uncertain. The EU authority appears to be taking its sweet time choosing a choice. Maybe they’re playing Candy Crush too much.

Yet, Microsoft has been making some intriguing assertions in the meanwhile. They recently claimed that Electronic Arts is the biggest publisher for the PlayStation. No one knew. It’s like learning that your arch-enemy actually owns your favorite pizza joint.

We have no way of knowing whether or whether this assertion is accurate, but it has certainly generated some discussion. Will Microsoft and Activision be challenged by EA and PlayStation? Will a new console war break out as a result of this? Time will only tell.

So let’s all pause for a moment to recognize that we live in a world where video games are a serious industry. Who knows, perhaps one day we’ll all be employed by video game businesses and competing for dominance of the gaming industry. I suppose a girl can dream.

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