May 29, 2023

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NBA Fouls Out on Cybersecurity: Data Breach Exposes Fans’ Personal Info 😱🤦‍♂️ But Don’t Worry, They’re Working on Their Defense 💪🔒

Hello basketball supporters, it appears that the NBA has made a mistake off the court. They apparently had a data breach when some of their supporters’ personal information was exposed.

We all know that the NBA is all about dunks, threes, and highlight reels, but it appears that they may use some cybersecurity training. Names, email addresses, and even phone numbers of some followers were apparently exposed due to the attack.

So don’t worry, the NBA is on it. They have notified the impacted fans and are striving to strengthen their security protocols to stop such intrusions. And let’s face it, if the NBA can manage LeBron James, they can certainly handle some bothersome cybercriminals, right?

Hence, if you’re an NBA fan, be sure to keep a watch on your phone and inbox for any unusual activity. And who knows, maybe this will motivate the league to create a new position: cybersecurity coordinator. That position’s title belongs on a jersey, please.

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