May 29, 2023

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Race to the Top: League of Legends Players Set New Record for Fastest Dragon Kill! 🏆😱

If you play League of Legends, you may want to start honing your dragon-killing techniques. Players are currently competing to break the world record for fastest dragon kill after a group of gamers just broke it.

The previous record had been held by another team of players for a while. But, the new record, which came in at just over four seconds, completely destroyed the earlier time.

Obviously, it’s not just about speed; players also need to watch out for the dragon and the opposition team. Efficiency and caution must be carefully balanced.

The race has begun, nevertheless, for those who are up for the challenge. Who will be the next team of athletes to break a record? Will they be able to outrun the competition and win the title?

There is no denying that the competition is ferocious and the stakes are great. Hence, if you play League of Legends, it’s time to start honing your dragon-killing techniques and get ready to compete in the race for the speed-run championship!

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