March 27, 2023

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WhatsApp Just Got Even Better: Say Goodbye to Tedious Message Selection and Hello to Group Join Requests!

Hey there, social butterflies! Are you tired of selecting messages one by one on WhatsApp for Windows? Fear not, because the messaging giant is here to save the day with its latest update.

In this update, you can now select multiple messages at once on Windows. That means you can finally stop wasting your precious time and start selecting multiple messages with ease. Whether you’re trying to forward a bunch of memes to your bestie or copying important messages for work, this feature will make your life a whole lot easier.

But that’s not all, folks! WhatsApp is also introducing a new feature that allows you to send requests to join groups. Yes, you read that right. No more awkwardly begging your friends to add you to their group chats. Now, you can simply send a request to join and wait for the approval like a civilized human being.

And for all you privacy-conscious folks out there, WhatsApp has got you covered. You can now hide your last seen status and profile picture from specific contacts. So, if you’re trying to avoid that ex or annoying coworker, this feature will be your new best friend.

But wait, there’s more! WhatsApp is also working on a feature that will allow you to create backups of your chats using a password. So, if you’re worried about someone snooping through your messages, this feature will give you some peace of mind.

In conclusion, WhatsApp is once again proving why it’s the king of messaging apps. With these new features, you can chat, share, and connect with your loved ones with even more ease and privacy. So, update your app and enjoy the new and improved WhatsApp experience!

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